Theme Based Learning

Theme Based Learning

To lay a solid foundation among the children, learning with activity is extremely pivotal in today’s time. A scientifically designed systematic learning process will ultimately provide a strong foundation of knowledge catering to all developmental stages of the toddlers. Many researches by experts across the world suggest that integrating a particular subject matter across different content areas, such as language, math and science, engages the whole brain through active and hands-on involvement. Themes help us to intertwine the different methodologies which make the learning experience interesting and meaningful for them. Rather than teaching each skill or topic in isolation we take up a special theme that acts as an umbrella of a larger topic under which all major aspects of academics are covered. It gives the teachers the flexibility to follow the interests of the students and mould their teaching styles accordingly.

We also ensure that all the themes:

  • Are stimulating, meaningful and fun-filled.
  • Support free play and exploration through books, dramatization, puzzles, outdoor activities, etc.
  • Nurture the natural curiosity and enthusiasm in the toddlers.
  • Promote children’s knowledge and skills.


Shiv Jyoti strongly believes in the ‘Positive Self’ concept and theme ‘Myself’ is an Endeavour to make every child appreciate himself/herself. The activities are planned in an interesting way to teach the students how to introduce themselves. They also learn vocabulary related to themselves & their family and sing rhymes related to the ‘All about me’ concept.


At Shiv Jyoti, letters and numbers are not just modes of expression but our Shiv Jyotians’ best friends. We simply love to be the cupid and introduce them to magic of words and rhymes! Our award winning curriculum books are filled with delightful activities and colourful illustrations to provide a wholesome learning experience with a focus on pre-reading, pre-numbers and pattern writing. Our special rhyme books also introduce them to phonetic sound and improve recognition of words and letters. Other curricular activities include:

This theme builds a better understanding about different members of the toddler’s family. Teachers indulge the little learners in several fun-filled activities like making family trees. Children are asked probing questions to widen observation and social skills. The theme aims at summing up some valuable insights about the beautiful relationship we share with these people around us and also developing a sense of love and respect for their roles in our lives.

‘I Love Toys’ And ‘Cartoons’

When you think about childhood, you will surely think about your favourite toy or cartoon! We, at Shiv Jyoti certainly understand the love children have for their favourite toys and cartoons. Thus, we revolve our teaching around these themes as well. We help children develop a variety of skills across several domains. They participate in toy relay races, indulge in colouring toys or cartoons and also share about the toys they bring from home. To inculcate healthy eating habits in them, we relate their meals with the superfoods of the cartoons, such as Popeye eating spinach. This way they get intrigued to try new veggies for their good health!

‘Fruits & Vegetables ’ And ‘Yummy Food ’

A balanced diet is one of the most important aspects for better growth of the body and the mind. This brings learning about ‘Fruits and Vegetables’ and ‘Food’ into picture. We not only teach them to identify various fruits and vegetables but work towards inculcating good eating habits amongst our students. They participate in tasting and dress up activities as well as share about their meals during lunch time. Through this theme, we also introduce them to the world of letters & colors.

People Around Us ’ And ‘Community Helpers ’

As we expand the circle of interaction of children, the most significant influence after the family is the school and the other people they interact with, in their daily lives. Under the theme ‘People Around Us’ and ‘Community Helpers’, children at Shiv Jyoti learn about their school and the people who help us in different ways such as teachers, doctors, police, barbers, drivers and maids through book, dramatization and conversations. Children not only learn about the roles they play, but also develop a sense of gratitude for the work they do for us.

Animals Around Us

Under this theme, the children are made aware about the animals and birds in the environment. During classroom time, they are given information about diverse animals through stories, rhymes and discussions. Dramatization, picture cards & cut outs are also used to make the learning process more interesting.

Vehicles Around Us

This theme encourages the children to observe the different modes of transport around them. They are asked to share their observations during free and structured conversations. At times, the teachers transform the room to represent an airport/bus station. The kids also play games related to transportation by making sounds of the different vehicles. They would sing rhymes during circle time like ‘Wheels on the Bus’.

Let’s Go Out & Explore

They say, ‘The more you learn, the more places you go!’, but, at Shiv Jyoti we believe in doing the latter first. As a part of ‘Let’s go out & explore’ theme, we take the learning outside the four walls of the classroom and fill their schedules with a plethora of outdoor activities. We also include concepts like ‘rules for going out’, letter recognition, tracing and an introduction of different colours they see the most around them.


To develop the theme of ‘Season’, the teachers make display charts of different weathers and ask the children to identify the objects used in the particular season, such as, umbrellas in monsoon season, woolens in winter season. For language development, the stories and picture cards revolve around the season. They also share experiences about how the weather is changing outside or what they do with their family during the season.