A Day At Shiv Jyoti

Arrival & Welcome Activity- Greet and Meet

A great day begins with a good morning! As the gates open, we gear up to welcome our little bundles of joy who fill the castle of love with happiness. Out teachers greet the kids warmly and welcome them in their respective classes. A set of activities are planned in the hallway to help toddlers settle down. Some months also feature a theme colour that is woven throughout free play activities


Just like a balanced breakfast, School Assembly is an essential start to a young child’s day and a significant influence in helping them grow into responsible adults with a well developed sense of Community. Our School Assembly takes them in the comfort zone. With the circle of Teachers and friends surrounding them, the children develop for functioning as a part of large groups are reinforced.

Circle Time

Our favourite activity at Shiv Jyoti is the Circle Time! Here, the toddlers are seated in a circle and the teachers indulge them in fun conversations, stories and puppet play. Circle Time is divided into five rounds:

  1. Warming up
  2.  Meeting up
  3. Opening up
  4. Cheering up
  5. Calming Down

The aim of each round is to allow our toddlers to freely share their thoughts with their peers and learn about their surroundings and the world in a fun way. It also enhances

Curricular Activity

At Shiv Jyoti, letters and numbers are not just modes of expression but our Shiv Jyotians’ best friends. We simply love to be the cupid and introduce them to magic of words and rhymes! Our award winning curriculum books are filled with delightful activities and colourful illustrations to provide a wholesome learning experience with a focus on pre-reading, pre-numbers and pattern writing. Our special rhyme books also introduce them to phonetic sound and improve recognition of words and letters. Other curricular activities include:

  • Computer galaxy Use of computers in kindergarten means lots of new skills to learn. Computers have both visual and auditory features that can assist children in making important connections.
  • Theme Based Activity The children here learn about the day of the week, the weather and about the monthly theme such as ‘My Family’
  • Story Time Story Telling instills virtues in your little one, boosts their listening skills, help in sharpen the memory, enhances communication skills, increases their cultural understanding, makes learning easier. Our teachers narrate the Stories to toddlers with characters whose values they can emulate. Stories with meaningful message, toddlers learn about kindness, wisdom, honesty, compassion and more using props and backdrops which enhances their social habits, imaginative skills and ensures language development.

Co-curricular Activity

After chit-chatting in the fun circle time, the toddlers indulge in the taekwondo sessions or a peaceful yoga class. Sports is a focus area when it comes to physical development of the students and we ensure they simply enjoy their kicks, punches, and races. Natural growth occurs best when children have lots of fun. And, all that fun happens in our most colorful play area, picnics, nature walks, splash pool, rain dance, the doll house, garden visit, Kids Play Area, story Telling, Toy Train. This way we also enhance the gross motor skills of the Shiv Jyotians.

Safe Dispersal

It’s finally time to say goodbye to the teachers and pals! The exit slips and safe handover process ensures smooth dispersal every day. The excitement with which the toddlers share about their day with their parents is a sight to witness!