Sound Foundation For Life:

When technology is integrated into education, students are expected to be more interested in the subjects they are studying. Our Digital Classroom provides different opportunities to make learning more fun & enjoyable in terms of presenting same things in new ways. It ensures more active participation in the learning process which can be hard to achieve through a traditional lecture environment.

Levels Of Learning:

To develop a strong, healthy and understanding relationship between a teacher and a student we have the Mother Teacher Concept where in every teacher is allotted 10 students to interact, counsel, share and make the child feel comfortable. Once the toddlers feel free to communicate and express themselves in small groups, gradually they are guided to interact and start speaking with all. This motivates kids in positive aspects. We have two teachers in every class all the time to look after and pay more attention on the students.

A Day Of Shiv Jyoti:

This concept is designed to support our tiny toddlers in their first year of school through working with their peers by the guidance of their teacher. Children who are about to start school are introduced to their buddies early in the transition programs, and the buddies took responsibility for showing them around the school and staying with them during all the activities in the class and school . In following weeks, they greet the new students and spend time with them in the playground. The Buddyconcept Framework has specifically designed buddy activities focusing on curriculum, social skills, values and benefits for the younger and older buddies.

Theme Based Learning:

Sports are just not provide a medium for exercise but also important in the physical growth of children. With an aim to build flexibility, team spirit, discipline and confidence amongst our little ones, we have introduced specialSports Activities which enhances the interest of students towards sports from the early age. Such activities help students to explore their hidden interests and talents and teach them the benefits of goal-setting and practice.We simply love the sight when the toddlers have a gala time at their favorite play area with their peers.

Early Childhood Education:

At the tender age kids are moulded or developed easily.Playing in Splash Pool is like playing in a brand new playground where even the simplest activities, like clapping your hands or jumping, are a whole new sensory experience. To make their experience more delightful they are provided with many things in Pool such as slides, colourful balls, toys and sand play.These water activities help the Kids to overcome their hydrophobia and develop muscles and motor skills and help to improve coordination.